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White Paper--Employee Engagement: Volunteerism

White Paper--Employee Engagement: Workplace & Corporate Giving

Global Employee Engagement Report

Disaster Relief: What's Your Policy?--Nov. 2013

Meeting the Challenges of Global Employee Engagement--July 2014

The Headaches of Taking Employee Engagement Global--June 2013

Let's Make Citizenship Metrics More Meaningful--July 2015

Balancing Pro Bono Supply and Demand--Report

Balancing Pro Bono Supply and Demand-Exec Summary

Pro Bono Today: What's New, What's Working

Best Practices, Part 1--July 2017

Best Practices, Part 2--August 2017

Best Practices, Part 3--September 2017

Best Practices--4-Part-Series-2017

Best Practices, Part 4--October 2017

Pro Bono Today: Part 1--May 2018

Pro Bono Today: Part 2--June 2018

Pro Bono Today: Part 3--July 2018

Pro Bono Today: Part 4--August 2018


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”Linda Gornitsky offers perspective and experience that can help any organization improve its community involvement strategy. This backed by her flexibility, timeliness and sharp insights make LBG Associates the 'go to source' for a variety of CSR-related matters.“
– Torrence H. Robinson,
   Fluor Corp.

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