Balancing Pro Bono Supply and Demand

LBG PRO BONO RESEARCH COVERBalancing Pro Bono Supply and Demand: Challenges and Solutions from the Nonprofit Point of View

While pro bono is the fastest growing employee engagement program, according to CECP’s 2015 Giving in Numbers report, anecdotally it appears that the supply of volunteers is outpacing the demand for their services. If corporations want the promise of pro bono to be fulfilled, it is critical that the companies that supply these volunteers understand why nonprofits don’t take advantage of corporate talent.

LBG Associates and LBG Research Institute went directly to nonprofits to ask them why. With the support of corporate sponsors, including Platinum Lead Sponsor JPMorgan Chase, LBG surveyed nonprofits about their experiences with pro bono volunteers, what the challenges were and the solutions they had found for these challenges.

The study identified five top challenges nonprofits face when taking on a pro bono volunteer and suggests solutions that corporations can employ to help the nonprofit use their volunteers more effectively and guarantee the creation of a successful pro bono program for itself.

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