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High Net Worth Individuals, Family Foundations


High Net Worth Individuals, Family Foundations

High Net Worth Individuals, Family Foundations

Making the decision to donate dollars is comparatively easy—developing an effective investment portfolio is far more challenging. There are over a million nonprofits operating in the US. How do you find the one(s) that are right for you and ensure that your funds are being used as intended and having the anticipated results? Having an advisor that can guide your decision-making will pay huge dividends in terms of impact and peace of mind.

Unlike a community foundation or a donor-advised fund, you can decide where you want to invest your funds and have full control over the dollars. There is no outside board that has final discretion over the placement of your dollars.


LBG Associates provides these services:

  • Helping determine the causes/issues that are most important
  • Narrowing down the areas of passion to a select few so the dollars invested can make a difference
  • Identifying some nonprofit options from which the client can choose
  • Vetting the nonprofits to ensure that they are financially solvent and capable
  • Working with the selected nonprofit partners to develop a naming opportunity/strategic program or simply choosing an ongoing to program to support
  • Developing metrics to assess the success of the program
  • Monitoring the program
  • Evaluating the impacts of the program
  • Managing the administration of the program