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Should The Environment Be a Strategic Focus Area for All Companies?

Companies in resource-intensive industries have long been sensitive to their impact on the environment. For them, including the environment as a strategic focus area is a given. For everyone else, though, it’s probably not. You can argue that giving to environmental causes is not strategic for so-called “green” companies—those with lower carbon footprints, such as Read more »

Taking the Disaster Out of Disaster Relief

Disaster season has begun with Hurricane Barry hitting Louisiana; a 5.4 earthquake rocking Southern California; and rain and hail making headlines in late June and early July. Disaster season is upon us. Are you ready? The last thing you want is to be scrambling to respond to a disaster, whether at home or abroad. The Read more »

When is 1 + 1 > 2?

We’ve been saying for more than a decade that corporate citizenship (corporate and foundation giving and employee engagement) cannot operate in a silo, separate from other corporate functions. It’s hard—if not impossible—to quantify the impact of interdepartmental cooperation on corporate citizenship (CC). But this is one of those times in which qualitative evidence is enough Read more »

Ready to publish your first CSR Report? Here are 5 steps to take before you write a single word

While 85% of S&P 500 companies are already publishing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports, many smaller companies haven’t taken the plunge yet. If that’s you, here’s a quick overview of the important steps to take before you write a single word. Step 1: Know why you are publishing your first report now. Write down all Read more »

With STEM Education, Don’t Just Spark an Interest—Light a Fire

For more than a decade, we’ve helped many clients research and select STEM education programs that align with their businesses. Our work has been in different areas of STEM and targeted at different student populations. We’ve read a lot of research on what works and what doesn’t. We’ve evaluated client-supported programs and seen the results Read more »

Pro Bono: It’s Come A Long Way

Although concerned citizens and certain professions, namely attorneys, have been practicing pro bono and skills-based volunteerism for a long time, focusing on them as formal corporate volunteer programs is relatively new. Back in 2006, LBG Associates published a concept paper in conjunction with Deloitte titled, Sharing Our Best with the Rest…Leveraging Intellectual Capital for Social Read more »